Video Marketing Statistics

Video marketing has become a rather industrious business. The statistics are overwhelmingly showing that hundreds of hours of video are being made, uploaded and watched daily. It is to be sure a big craze. Youtube is so used by searches that it is one of the largest search engines in the world. Who would have thought it?

When you peruse the stats related to Youtube itself (and they are not the only video sharing site online), you simple have to stop and scratch your head.

For example according to Youtube, more than a million unique visitors visit the site monthly. Over 6 billion hours of video is watched in that same month’s time. 6 billion! That comes to nearly an hour of video per person on the planet. Whew! Think you might need to incorporate video marketing into your efforts?

Over a hundred hours of video are uploaded to Youtube nearly every minute. (If old people and kiddies can do it by the fistfuls, so can you!)

Another great statistic to note is that nearly 40% of Youtube’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Still want to ignore it? Being able to give a sales pitch over and over again or educate your audience through video is priceless in terms of business assets. Any time, night or day, people can hear what you have to say about your products, services or events. And, again, there are other video sites who have a market share. These are just the specific stats from Youtube. You can extrapolate stats for the others.

When using Youtube you have access to lots of personal statistics like which videos are watched the most, how long folks are watching each video and at what point they lose interest. You can use these stats to improve your video offering as a company, better meeting the needs of your target audience.

All in all video marketing stats can be useful information for your Arkansas business, helping you determine a marketing path that’s right for you and your customers.

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Google Adwords Rolls Out 10 New Tools Arkansas Business Owners Should Know About

Google Adwords provides a myriad of ways to advertise your service or products online. Every local marketer should consider how it fits into their marketing repertoire. Today they announced some upcoming changes and tools through Adwords that will definitely be something to look into in my opinion.

10 new tools to be exact. Their live stream simply and quickly announced them. The one I am most excited about is draft mode for Adwords, so it’s what I’m going to talk about today.

sms marketing

In the past Adwords advertisers had to constantly monitor, guestimate, adjust and monitor to get their ad campaigns to just the right state. This new mode of functioning in “draft” will greatly decrease the amount of time (and money!) it takes to get your campaign on track.

Adwords is a bit of a slippery wicket in my opinion. Those who use it must devote large amounts of their time, money and brain to managing their campaigns. In other words, it’s difficult to learn and use successfully. Once you get it right, now, that’s a great thing to be sure, but there has been a huge learning curve involved. This is going to help tremendously! I am looking forward to playing with it.

Additionally, once you’ve tweaked your campaign and been able to see the results using live-ish data, you can implement it easily. That’s a huge time saver to be sure.

I didn’t hear any plans to implement such a thing with Youtube advertising, yet, so we won’t hold our breath, but in most cases keyword research is done in the Google Keyword Planner anyway. It will make extrapolating that information for other modes of advertising that much easier.

All 10 tools were divided into 3 main groupings. One group had to do with Adwords App development and marketing. (It always scares me a little to hear Google discussing “marketing” so nonchalantly!)

Another had to do with reporting and the third I already mentioned. The reporting updates were very cool as well. The changes allow you to build reports with the data you want in a relative manner. Pie charts and line charts are included, and the whole thing is done with a simple drag and drop interface that really did make things look easy.

Using the data in this way is intended to help advertisers to make the best decisions possible such as putting a larger percentage of our advertising dollars into mobile advertising, or certain days of the week or times of day, etc.

Some of the tools in the reporting category are intended to help advertisers in their local markets with device and location driven data.

All in all I thought the presentation was very succinct and quick. I was settled in for the long haul, but it was relatively short and to the point. It was also in plain English without much jargon so newbies will be able to follow along just fine, making heads AND tails of what was shared.

If you are considering Adwords as a way to market your products and/or services, this would be a good introduction to some of the tools available (or soon to be available) in Adwords for you.

Additionally we can help you sort through the other tools and possibilities for your Arkansas business within Adwords. Pay Per Click or Pay Per View are good options for any business who wants to get their message in front of more people. Granted, this type of advertising is not for everyone, but in many cases it can be very helpful.

Their recent update of the Adwords Editor will also prove to make things much, much easier.

We will be offering some tutorials on Adwords in the near future, so be sure and subscribe so you can learn how to use this for your company.

If you don’t already have a Google Adwords account, you will definitely want to get one, even if you don’t plan on spending any money on Adwords. The Keyword Planner Tool is very helpful for everything from planning content creation for your site to Adwords campaigns. You may even decide to give it a try and get your feet wet. It can be intimidating, but we are here to help you sort it out. You need a Youtube account anyway, and a Google + page so just go ahead and get the Adwords Account too. (

If you want to stay up to date on the development of the Adwords tools as announced today, they will be sharing that information on their blog. (

Here’s a link to the stream from earlier today:

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Text Message Campaign Tips

When you set up your SMS marketing campaign try using a descriptive keyword when setting up your account.

If you are a tanning salon, for example use something like the keyword TANS so you can say something like Text TANS to 33733 now! Something they will remember and will help them know who you are and what this text message is about next time they get a message from you.

sms marketing

RedBox and Sonic use their names. Just remember you want the receiver to know, like and trust you to do business with you. So make your texts easy to identify.

Once you have set up your short code account and are ready to get things rolling, be sure and advertise your SMS campaign on your website’s home page with a banner ad and on any social media channels you have a presence on. If you are a brick and mortar store or chain, announce your campaign there as well.

Restaurants can put┬áplacard on their tables. Sonic has this information plastered everywhere, and it pays off. Folks who like your services or products will respond if they know about it. So, don’t be shy. Let them know, okay? High traffic, visible places.

You’ll want to track your results, too. How many opt-ins did you get, for example. How many responses to your offer? One way to keep up with this is to instruct customers to SHOW the text message offer in order to redeem. This way you can keep up with your stats. Don’t forget to include the total sales from your responders, not just the offer.

In other words, let’s say you are a burger joint. You send out a text message offering free fries with any order. A responder orders a burger, and a coke as well as his free fries and he has a date who also orders a burger and a coke. All of that should be included in your stats. The free fries is to get them in the door to spend their money. How much did they spend?

It’s important to note that you are not just making the money on the sales, increasing engagement, engendering loyalty and other metrics that absolutely do matter, but you are also building a list. A list you can contact at a moment’s notice about an event or sale and KNOW they will see it and have the opportunity to respond. That’s super powerful.

One company I know of built a database of 4,750 customers during their first month of launching their SMS marketing campaign.

Over 50 percent of those people redeemed their text message offer of $20 off a tan. This in and of itself generated nearly $200,000 in new revenue, also in their first month.

And, another boon, those that got the offer, on average spent 500% more than customers that were not receiving the text message offers.

Are you starting to see how this earns loyalty and trust? This is way bigger than the initial sales or the upsells brought about by the text message campaign. It goes directly to the bottom line in increasing the lifetime value of the customer. AND, as yet another boon, they tell their friends. This is what we want to happen with all our advertising efforts. Mobile is just better at doing it. What are you waiting for?

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Video Marketing Tops The List For Local Marketers

We are well into 2014 and most marketers this year are getting that video is just hands down a new “must-do” part of their marketing. If you aren’t engaging your customers with video yet, what are you waiting for?

With video innovation, communication can now be a totally different experience. This article talks about the lots of methods by which video technology can be made use of in internet marketing.

Almost every kind of interaction one experiences everyday requires communication. It is with communication that we are able to comprehend others, learn originalities, explore new knowledge, and reveal our own sensations and thoughts. Over the passage of many years, communication has progressed from an easy system of noises in the old times to a really advanced feature of video innovation. Video Vantage best bonuses

video marketing

Video innovations use in online marketing is also a quickly rising trend nowadays. Here s exactly how you can be in on this trend to increase your internet presence. Video Vantage Review

— Using Videos for Web marketing–.

1. Video E-mail Advertising Campaigns.

People s attention span has actually reduced with the enhancing saturation of information in the internet. Individuals only have just a few seconds to spare for communication and information that do not interest them. The challenge to internet marketers, for that reason, lies in seizing the customers interests for even more than a couple of seconds, or getting the message across in as brief an amount of time as possible.

Video emails make the latter possible. For a few seconds of video, people can be outlined your wonderful product or service. Now, individuals won t need to check out reams and reams of your ad copy. They just need to spare a couple of seconds of their time to view your video pitch.

Video e-mails are likewise more effective than emailed copy because videos are far more revitalizing and interesting. You can likewise demonstrate your item s effectiveness in video something that you can not do with text copy which permits just descriptions, not demonstrations.

With the present developments in video streaming, video emails have also never been easier to make use of. Your target customers won t need to download the video to see them. You require only include a preview clip with the email and this clip, when clicked, will link the viewer to the video server which can stream the video live to your customer s media player.

2. Videos in your website and online blog sites.

The brain ends up being more engaged with multimedia displays and material. Therefore, you need to make certain to include videos in your site and online blog sites. Your videos online can be lengthier and even more detailed than the video emails that you have sent to your target consumers inbox.

Into video commercials and updates, you can get your message throughout much faster and you can be more easily remembered by your site s and your blog site s visitors. Furthermore, if you supply tags and codes with your video, your website visitors can quickly copy the video content to their own blogs and personal internet sites. This will increase your company reach.

3. Video Blogging.

Now this is the most useful application of video technology today in internet marketing. YouTube is a big community of people who like viewing and referring videos. In reality, YouTube has become so popular that Google even acquired it from its initial owners. Significant broadcasting business have likewise accepted provide YouTube with video material from shows that they want to promote online. Get Video Vantage Here

All you will need to do is end up being a member of this massive community of video enthusiasts and post you possess intriguing videos. You can publish your company infomercials, if you want. Nonetheless, for even more reliable marketing, you d better make your videos more fascinating and exciting. Your video should have value beyond your marketing pitch so individuals will be more likely to pass it on to others.

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Using TEXT Content Advertising

Smaller message service is a message solution that uses a wireless phone, the web or any type of mobile interaction system. TEXT has a maximum text ability of 160 personalities (letters, numbers or signs). It is currently the most largely made use of data application with a determined 3.5 billion active users. With the capacity for instantaneous access to potential clients many business have started using this type an interaction to target their particular markets utilizing what is called TEXT marketing or SMS text advertising and marketing.

Have you found out about the use of smaller codes in collecting numbers for your mobile text marketing campaign? Well, it is only crucial in a content advertising project that you have the mobile numbers of all the ideal people that will benefit from the products or services that you provide. Before you begin your project, you have to have gathered all the cellphone numbers that you need since that is exactly what will certainly incite your ad campaign.

The search result of using this technology is ultimately more impressions, better communication, and much less time intake to make it occur. Easily of use, accessibility, and affordable this content marketing application could strongly compliment or restore advertising and marketing strategies for businesses looking for impact worldwide of social media advertising and marketing.


Valued customer and accommodation brands, scholastic districts, universities, political individuals, sporting activities teams, etc. are utilizing this new Text message advertising and marketing modern technology, and so must you. This particular, social internet marketing poses a hazard to nice entailing in terms of the relationship that has got to be preserved with all the purchasers. When a small business makes use of message with regard to advertising, this doesn’t indicate that 1 of 3 avoid by itself from using some other advertising and marketing press.

In addition to it, mobile marketing and advertising is in fact cost-effective. Gather client data out of customer communications in addition to gain the rewards of satisfying a fast customer demand. This is consistent with a prospecting ability when making use of polls. This recommends anytime a marketing strategy may be particularly described making use of measurable, feasible along with genuine objectives and is put in place consistently, there isn’t really a possibility for this advertising campaign falling short. One of the key aspects is that a lot of TEXT customers make complete use of text.

Delivering mail messages not just entails very little prices however additionally makes certain that we have a great feedback with consumers really quickly period of time. We all already have the know-how which mobile advertising and marketing uses message marketing for speaking with clients. It isn’t truly real if a company uses other designs of offering advertising, say the television and also direct emailing. There are a number of motives that clarifies why TEXT advertising and marketing is absolutely the finest to get a small venture. Entrepreneurs on the U.S. marketplace nowadays see text as a result of the fact that it is a significantly more effective method compared to text advertising and marketing software application customer care.

The most valuable occasion of this could be a transferring of advertising campaigns utilized for marketing services. Social media furthermore postures a threat to thinking about that the internet could be very straightforward to use. Advertising using message advertising call-to-action is a pleasurable and also effective means to increase response prices. Instead of this, texting pertaining to marketing and marketing associated with product and services could be sent out anytime in order to a bigger range of customers. SUMOTEXT makes certain that the significant group is given with the message.

Pertaining to companies that desire the very best of content messaging and also e-mail advertising, the terrific point to try and do is generally to include text messaging projects along with social media to remain of a lot of alreadying existing aside from potential consumers. Rather than marketing using television set and also papers which typically please take a considerable time, sms is often transmitted easily towards the target audience. The raised by employing this specific service has made that one of the most well-known methods by which normally text message marketing software program could be executed nowadays. Moreover such an incorporation enables you reach out the customers could use effortlessly anywhere in addition to is the

connective cells that improves your customers in contact with your out-of-date business stations. When the objectives are precisely outlined, anybody works to acquire them, causing an efficient advertising and marketing campaign. The broad ease of access as well as success of social networks advertising normally is causing this to be way of marketing approved. One vital advantage promoted by mass TEXT software application is the capacity to have different smaller code key phrases on each piece of your market and note your efficiency on the advertising budget plan. Text advertising is deemed a major section of the puzzle that’s progressing. There are different good explanations entailing the reason why content marketing relocated populared. Facebook marketing, on the various other hand, uses systems including facebook, twitter, Facebook etc. The text message advertising and marketing methods generally are suggestions which attempt and advertise products to help out customers utilizing message service. Text Codes is certainly the procedure wherein stores and also marketing experts connect with their possible consumers applying cellphones, digital advertising and marketing, and also systems. Numerous believe it is simple to collaborate with various sites on-line. Due to its usefulness and price, advertising and marketing text advertising is ending up being a great deal more effective, common and is remaining typically accepted with consumers as well as to firms worldwide. The use of message advertising concerning advertising and marketing by just small facilities can also assist these phones locate a higher customer structure if your e-mails are delivered over energetic social support systems. As compared to traditional type of advertising and marketing, this type of advertising actually is cheaper. Initial point ought to be done would be to come to a choice the actual preferred goals from the corporation from the impression the company wants to gain in the text software. An incorporated online advertising strategy likewise assists the online marketers to speak with current in addition to prospects easily.Org anizations nowadays utilize numerous types of advertisements pertaining to advertising and marketing and promoting their items along with their services. Many of these internet sites have adverts apply these people and as a result some kind of on-line marketing expert has the ability to locate a bunch of buyers whenever. Truth is, customers at presents gain access to the on the internet globe themselves and obtain detailed info about the numerous product and services that will boost interest rate to every one of them. Because of this this on the internet marketing experts concentrate on a higher quantity of customers by establishing the ads and advertising and marketing strategies using e-mails on the net web web pages that males and females gain access to utilizing their text advertising. Regarding the Writer

. Charge card companies can utilize SMS content advertising to inform customers of their approaching expense due days or up coming special bargains. Consumers receiving a message direct to their phone from their credit service providers are most likely to feel the offer is tailored

to their specific needs offering them a much more tailored feel. This intimate feeling could lead to better revenue for the company.

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